How it all began…

I never thought I might make music, but never say never! Becoming a dancer has always been a big dream of mine. I started attending a dance conservatory at the age of eleven, but after a couple of years my dreams changed and I started to compose my own songs. For me this was discovering the unknown. I know that dance will stay in my heart forever, but you have to think about dancing all day long and I wanted to feel free. That is why I changed schools, and I have felt more freedom there.

I composed my first song at the age of thirteen. I was lying in bed with a cold, wondering what to do. My piano was silent and I told myself that I might try playing a few tones and singing for myself. Out of this improvisation (I didn´t know how to compose) my first song, True Face, came into being. My father later chose it as the main theme for his film called The Meaning and Mystery of Life.

My family has always supported my interest in dancing and music. I had never longed to be a singer, but things have changed. My grandfather used to play first violin in an orchestra. He still plays this musical instrument very well, and I have a lot to thank him for. I play the piano and guitar myself now. I had and still have great teachers.

When I started composing music I knew everything must come from my heart and that I wanted to compose both music and lyrics. I didn´t know much about composing but it has just come naturally to me.

When I was five, I played a little girl in a Czech comedy film called Doblba. Later I starred in the movie The Meaning and Mystery of Life – I was fourteen at that time. I learned that if you want to do something, you must devote yourself to it completely, body and soul.

A few words about my songs…

I write about my feelings and dreams, about what I have experienced, what comes from my heart. It’s my confession. I want to tell people my own truth; I don´t want to lie to them, and even less to myself. It is up to each of my listeners whether they will enjoy my songs fully, whether they will be open to the passion and emotions in the songs and in themselves as well. In my songs, the feelings are hidden in melodies, texts and dance.

I believe that if somebody gets lost in my songs and drifts away, they can discover a lot. I would like people to think about what was on my mind, and I want my words to stay with them. I write the songs for the happy as well as unhappy ones when they have tears in their eyes. It doesn´t matter to me whether I have a small audience or a lot of listeners.

The music I listen to

I listen to any music style if the song attracts me – and this is the way I compose, too. I don´t stick to one style. RnB, rap, jazz, blues, funk, rock…I just feel close to what I enjoy. Sometimes it is the thoughtful Adele, another time the bar-style Amy Winehouse or the rebellious Miley Cyrus. They have inspired me; they went through life overcoming obstacles without being stopped, each of them in their own way. They were and are original. I like performers who are not afraid to leave the mainstream and its demands to enrich the world with something new. I could name so many great personalities…

And since I have appeared in films, however briefly, a few words about films…

The world of the silver screen fascinates me because of its grandness, the storytelling and the possibility to tell everything about life in only about 100 minutes. I love films, watching them is my hobby. My father is a director, so I know the mystery of film art from the other side as well. I was impressed by films like Hayao Miyazaki´s Spirited Away or Howl´s Moving Castle.

I love films with a strong story – e.g. The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, Melancholia, Youth or the well-known Pretty Woman. I also like to watch old classics like Singing in the Rain. But the world of film is infinite and these are just a few examples…

What the mystery of life means to me

I would like to find the meaning of life within myself, to find the true essence of being. I see life as a big game. Our existence is like a quest for us and we need to realize whether we are doing well or not so well. I think everything is predestined. Nothing is a coincidence. What shall happen, will happen and we will go through it.

The question remains how. We are creating our future this way. Maybe there is somebody up there who knows everything about our next steps. In each of us there is a soul, those 21 grams which represent purity and love. What a beautiful soul everybody on Earth has! The roles we play, the masks we put on, they only take us away from realizing our true self; we are hiding behind them. I am talking from experience the Universe has already offered me. All of us have this chance.

Why I am a vegetarian

I have been a vegetarian since I was born because all our family members are vegetarians or vegans. My parents influenced me, but as I grew older I began forming opinions of my own, and I started looking up information about animals´ lives and suffering. I have never felt tempted to eat meat.

I can see no reason to eat meat when I can live without it in a perfectly healthy way, without having to kill creatures that are close to me. Animals are practically the same as us – whether in their physical or emotional aspects. We don´t value life, Mother Earth, we are not respectful to nature; in fact, we are often unnecessarily afraid of it. If we want to continue this wonderful adventure, we should change.

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