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Stupid Doll

If you wanna have a good job be on the top
You have to act like a stupid doll
Suck it up, just say hello
I signed up for the role of stupid doll
Stupid, stupid doll

Shake hands with them
Have fancy hair
Smile like a Joker, red lips and just simper
Simper like a stupid doll

I don’t wanna smile like a stupid
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid doll, doll
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid doll, doll

They ask
How do you do? I must say good
We are lying like in a childhood
Give me the script I’ll be a perfect actor
Then I can leave with your money in my pocket

Dress me up, put on my make-up, give me some pills
I will smile for the picture whatever you want
I’ll do it again, again, again till the end

You are staring at nothing all day
Wondering if you should stay or go away
Hearing lots of noises, don’t know if they’re human voices
You have to throw away your feelings

I am trying to be like the others
and they can’t see I am chocking on my own words
Here come the glances scanning me
I want to sink like a broken ship
But it’s not in the scenario

I don’t wanna smile like a stupid
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid doll, doll
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid
I don’t wanna smile like a stupid doll, doll

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True Face

Everyone is afraid to show their true face.
Wearing a mask to cover, spread over their pain.
Making false friends to get ahead, instead of understanding what a true friend’s beauty could be.
Hiding, hiding, hiding, hiding behind that bright skin, so reach inside, uncover your dream.
We have such a beautiful world why don’t we live it?
We are given this chance to run and to fly.
Dream and dream without limitation and doubt.
To live in that world that is truly truly you.

And show your true face…

Why do they look so funny at me?
Do they think they’ll get something for it?
We are all the same, even if someone is a bit more or less different, we all meet in one heaven.
When you are walking down the street and everyone is frowning, start to laugh.
Being lost in deep sorrow is no game.
Be yourself and don’t be afraid of living.

And show your true face…

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